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Monday, February 16, 2015

21 Coptic Christians have been beheaded and now the gruesome details, a video just released by ISIS

As we predicted last week that the 21 Coptic Christians have been beheaded and now the gruesome details, a video just released by ISIS. Watch and see the price of persisting to remain Christian. Even under the blade, some were making their last prayers and as the blade came to their neck they all cried in unison “Ya Rabbi Yasou’” (O My Lord Jesus) the caption by ISIS stated “these insisted to remain in unbelief”. In other words, they were given the option to convert or die and everyone of them refused, even unto death.
It is extremely rare for Christian Copts to convert to Islam. 
This is their last words, Ya Rabbi Yasou’, (My Lord Jesus), on their pure lips while the saints cry in heaven Hallelujah and to accept being martyred under the blade of the Muslim scimitar:
English: If unbelief (in Islam) waved as the froth (of the sea) we will fill the plains red crimson blood … we walked dark nights, to slice and slaughter, with the blade of vengeance that poisons whom [our] anger is upon.
When ISIS early today sent out a “Coming Soon” documentary titled “Warning: Message Signed In Blood Coming Soon To ‘Nation Of The Cross’” we declared that it will be as ISIS promised, showing a wave of Coptic Christian blood which it has spilt. It is quite horrifying.
This morning I noticed some western speculation as to what ISIS had in mind for this sinister surprise which makes it obvious that from the beach wave mixed in blood as to the slaughter of 21 Christians.
Westerners centric folks care more about Charlie Hebdo’s death, a liberal who mocked Christ portraying the Virgin Mary giving birth to a pig when all throughout the Middle East, the speculation is quite different and more accurate, the beach and the waves shaped red, a reference to the blood was a clear message to the Copts in Egypt, a people who are rarely cared for and to Egypt it is about the slaughter of the 21 Christian Copts who were dragged to a Mediterranean beach front in Libya dressed in orange jump suits while the shadow of death, the Muslim dressed in evil looking back (the color of their flag) drags them to martyrdom. The picture shows from ISIS magazine Dabiq, a group of Copts bowing on a beach, which can be linked to the image of the new promotional video issued by ISIS.
Now it all adds up. Exactly as we stated in three articles before ISIS released this horrifying video.
The phrase “Cross nation” referred to in the message, raised our doubts about the fate of 21 Coptic Egyptian kidnapped by a group “Soldiers Of The Caliph” loyal to ISIS in Libya, and who had been abducted from the city Sirte, Libya. We (Rescue Christians) have been monitoring the situation in Sirte and the Coptic community is stranded there and the Copts who want to leave find it impossible since seven were killed previously trying to escape. The only route is through Tunisia and the poor Copts who are stuck there cannot afford it. We are trying our best to find a way and to also send financial aid to their families.
And while the families who were anticipating the fate of their 21 sons in suffering to now realize the full story, I am reminded of Christ’s descending on earth which the Muslim executioner in the video referred to from his demonic teaching. Let me remind ISIS, we fear not you scimitar, you can take our lives, but you will never have our souls. The two places in Scripture I find Jesus landing to rescue folks is in Zechariah 14 and Isaiah 19. We all know that Zechariah 14 is about rescuing the Jews and converting them to Him, but Isaiah 19 should shock some folks and get us to ask, who and why is Christ coming for in Egypt:
And it will be for a sign and for a witness to the LORD of Hosts in the land of Egypt; for they will cry to the LORD because of the oppressors, and He will send them a Savior and a Mighty One, and He will deliver them.” (Isaiah 19:20)
Here we have the “Mighty One” is the Messiah who fights on the day of the Lord to fight “the oppressors” of His brethren. Here, see for yourself your brothers and sisters in Egypt suffering from the oppressors and calling for Jesus to come down and save them:
And where do we find faith like this? Be encouraged and rejoice O daughter of Egypt. Where do we see multitudes of Christians taking to the streets when there are 90% Muslims and in the face of such a massive threat the Copt stands for Christ, yet here in the West, we fear a handful of bickering Muslims.

Prior to the release of this execution, the call on Christ to appear and rescue the 21 Copts has become a typical occurrence in Egypt since Egypt is mentioned in Scripture that upon His return (Isaiah 19) “they will call on the Lord to send them a Savior and a Mighty One“. And so in this following demonstration calling for Christ to descent and rescue the 21 brethren, they cried out: “Have mercy, save us O Lord for You are our salvation …Kurielaison (Lord have mercy) … O Lord of hosts …” as they did the sign of the crucifix (see 1:40) declaring their faith publicly as to take the mark of God (Revelation 9:4) in the midst of a Muslim majority population yelling out “we are not kafir (heathen)”.
And this is exactly what these Copts are doing, calling on Jesus to descend and save them. Christ was called “Mighty One”, Isaiah 19:20 leaves no question as to who Christ comes to rescue: “He will send them a Savior and a Mighty One, and He will deliver them.”
The Egyptian Coptics are increasingly being oppressed by the Muslim majority. But if God sees their cause as being so important to personally send His Son, the Savior and Mighty God to rescue them, then we need to ask: what are the Coptic Christians of Egypt doing right and what are they doing differently from the western church?
He comes to rescue the Christians, the remnant in Egypt, the 10% Christians. There is no doubt that the “Savior” and “Mighty One” is Christ. In the Psalms, Messiah is portrayed as a soldier and a fighter with the same reference, “Mighty One”:
See, Jehovah rides on a swift cloud and is coming to Egypt. The idols of Egypt tremble before him, and the hearts of the Egyptians melt within them” (Isaiah 19:1).
Who comes on the clouds? We also meet Him in the clouds. We even sing “Behold He comes riding on the clouds”, yet we eliminate Egypt from the song. Indeed, we are lacking. We eliminate essential clues from our songs we sing. Why?

This is Messiah personally coming to defeat Egypt. Obviously Egypt is a 90% Muslim nation with 10% Christians who will be caught up in the clouds and then landing to fight tyranny and Antichrist.
But here is the dilemma, the Egyptian Christians are Copts who believe that the bread and wine in the Eucharist are miraculously, and mysteriously, changed in to the Body and Blood of Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. They also believe in the intercessions of the Virgin Mary or of the angels or of the saints.
Yet Christ is personally coming to rescue them and snatch them up in the clouds from the persecution by the Antichrist, the tyrant.
Ever think about it?

If Christ loves these, who are we to judge what He considers His brethren? Is it perhaps that even their theology is more sound than ours?
We are in an age in which Ecumenical work and attempts towards the recovery of the Christian Unity have flourished. The meetings between the Churches, in councils, conferences and symposiums have increased, and the fields of co-operation and co-working have multiplied. However, unity is in a much higher level than cooperation. The Christian Unity should be built on the foundation of the “One Faith”. Thus began the theological discussions between the Churches. This book in your hands is a step in this theological discussion between our brethren the Protestants and us.”
My friends are concerned, why am I focused on the ancient East and Church Fathers in my theology lately? Some think I have gone mad because I do not sound like your typical tele evangelist prophecy teacher.
And why shouldn’t I focus on the east? The Coptic Christians are extremely devout to Christ. The coptic church is probably the most devoute and active church in the world. Their youth were raised in the church and are very close to their church community and are just as pious as their parents.
The Coptic Orthodox Church of Egypt was founded in the first century by St. Mark, one of the disciples of Jesus. St. Mark is regarded as the first patriarch of the Coptic Orthodox Church. He planted the Church in Alexandria, where he wrote his gospel—the Gospel of Mark, in the Greek language. After winning many converts to Christianity in several journeys, he was brutally martyred by pagans in the streets of Alexandria in 68 AD.
The Christian Church of Egypt (the Coptic Orthodox Church) produced world-wide distinguished Christian leaders and theologians who defended the Orthodox faith tirelessly.
I had asked a fellow Christian on my blog to tell me about St. Athanasius the Apostolic, the twentieth patriarch of Egypt (328-373) who fought the Arian heresy. She knew nothing and the name wasn’t interesting enough for her.
He is known for his staunch defense of the orthodox faith, St. Athanasius suffered exile from his See five times.
There was also St. Cyril the Great, the twenty-forth patriarch of the Coptic Church (412-444), refuted the Nestorian heresy. His theology is regarded by Christendom as the key to orthodoxy. At the time of his death, the Coptic Church occupied the position of undisputed leadership in the entire Christian world, and Christianity covered most of the land of Egypt.
Christ loves the Copts, and so will I. Not only will I love them, but I will also learn from the remnants of St. Mark, the apostle. We always talk Bible, yet we forget who wrote it and where they lived and what they said and how they interpreted it. If I want to know what Mark meant by certain verses, I will sure check with the Copts before I check with Rick Warren!
Yesterday, we have decided to send help to the heart of Egypt. We will find these families and we will send them help and support. The west needs to think on more serious issues on Christian persecution which will increase as we see these events unfold. For example, we operate a very effective mission in rescuing fellow Christians who literally live under slavery. We are a unique organization (Rescue Christians) who rescue Christians, perdominately in Pakistan that live under the Muslim yoke baking bricks in kilns under the heating sun. Christians too are burned in furnaces in Pakistan with no one to morn them. To see an example out of the thousands we rescue, click here, and listen to the amazing testimonies first hand on how you can help and make a difference, now in this life and for eternity.
Fr.Cyril and orthodox Church of Pakistan condemned and prying for effected peoples and their familes May God bless them
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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Orthodox Church Of Pakistan condemned Peshawar incident

Orthodox Church Of Pakistan condemned Peshawar incident
Fr. Cyril and the orthodox church community condemned terrorists’ attack on mosque in Peshawar Phase 5 Hayatabad. Targeting innocent worshippers during Friday prayers is a coward act.

we all demands to the government, calling for a fair and thorough investigation of incident and protect religious places
 orthodox church of Pakistan Community  condemn this human tragedy that occurred, and also condole with the families.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Church “grows” in Islamabad

Administrator of our community in Islamabad has shared these pictures of extensions to his residence (sitting room) where services are held for the St John Chrysostom Parish. These extensions will allow more room for the faithful to gather for services, bible study and to meet together as Orthodox Christians. Ayub Joseph is the lay leader and administrator of the parish which is visited regularly by Father Cyril Amer from Sarghoda to serve the Divine Liturgy for the community.

Friday, February 6, 2015


Contrary to popular thought, the history of Christianity in Pakistan does not start from the 19th Century but around 52AD upon the arrival of St Thomas the Apostle, making it’s origins back to the time of the foundation of the Church on earth.
According to Holy Tradition St. Thomas the apostle came to Pakistan in the city of Taxila a city 35 KM away from the Islamabad (the current capital of Pakistan).
Tradition states that St. Thomas the apostle came to Taxila as an architect, and was admired for his skills in this field. The local king was also impressed by his honesty and skills and requested the Apostle to oversee the construction of the palace. After giving all the responsibility and the expenses for the completion of the palace the King left for vacations.
St. Thomas had enough money to complete the work for the King, but when the king left he decided a different use for the money. Instead of building a palace for the king, he distributed all the money among the poor.
Returning from his vacation and not seeing any progress on the requested palace building works, St Thomas was summoned to the King. The Apostle informed the king what had been done with his money and that his palace had been built for him in heaven. St Thomas was then thrown in jail for a long period but was subsequently released and travelled to India to continue his mission work.
The Community of Faqirs in Pakistan
There is a “Faqir” community in the province of Sindh in Thatta. It is believed that this community traces it’s origin back to the times of St Thomas the Apostle and has therefore been present for almost 2000 years.
The Taxila Cross
According to the epigraphically evidence Taxila Cross was found in 1935 in the fields near the site of ancient of city of Sirkap. This cross was later presented to Anglican Bishop of Lahore. The Taxila Cross is kept at the Cathedral Church of the Resurrection Lahore (Anglican Church of Pakistan)

While many church historians talk about Christianity in Pakistan only from the arrival of foreigners from the 19th Century onwards there is clear evidence in the form of Taxila cross as well as the Holy Tradition of the Church that the faith was spread from the times of the Apostles. The ancient faith is now alive and well in many areas including those through the efforts of the Archangel Michael Mission in Pakistan

Protest against Delhi church attacks

Police in the Indian capital, Delhi, have detained dozens of people who were protesting against recent attacks on churches in the city.
There have been five attacks on churches in Delhi since December.
Christian groups accuse hardline Hindus of carrying out the attacks, but police say there is little evidence for this.
Some protesters have accused India's Hindu nationalist BJP government of not doing enough to reassure the city's Christian minority.
Thursday's protest came after a church in Delhi was vandalised on Monday, and an unexplained fire gutted another in December.
Protesters carrying placards reading "Enough is Enough, What are police doing?" gathered outside the city's main Catholic Sacred Heart Cathedral in central New Delhi.
Police said the protesters were detained as they were marching towards the residence of Home Minister Rajnath Singh in a high-security area where protests are not allowed
"They have no permission to protest on the road. They can't just march to the home minister's residence. We have to protect the homes of VIPs,'' senior police officer MK Meena told NDTV news channel.
Father Jolly, one of the protesters, told BBC Hindi that the attacks on churches was making Christians "feel very unsafe".
"The prime minister is still silent on the issue. In the backdrop of these attacks, he should come forward and issue a statement. He should give us confidence."
Police say that they have provided security to more than 200 churches in the capital.
On Monday, unidentified people broke into a church in north Delhi and desecrated holy objects, reports said.
In December, hundreds of Christians protested in the capital after a Catholic church was burnt badly in a fire.
The police initially blamed the fire on faulty wiring saying it had been caused by a "short-circuit", but after protests by the Christian community, they registered a case against unnamed people.