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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Financial assistance for widow’s of Joseph Colony Lahore

St. Michael the Arch Angel Orthodox Mission in Pakistan
(The Holy Orthodox Church  in Pakistan)
The violent attack on the Christian settlement known as Joseph Colony Badami Bagh Lahore on 9th March 2013 by the extremist mob is still have its effects on the lives of people. They still live in the state of fear and insecurity. This antagonistic and brutal attack has taken us into the past when Christians suffered persecutions because of their faith. These inhuman incidents have made Pakistan dangerously teetering on the brink of becoming a violent and undemocratic society. The Government of Pakistan has totally failed badly to control discriminatory activities against the Christian minority which as a result strengthen the extremists and religious groups within and across the border.
Here we would not forget to mention the daring efforts of The Holy Orthodox Church in Pakistan. It is worth mentioning that after the shocking news of Joseph Colony on 9th March 2013, Fr.Cyril and Fr.Joseph immediately visited the targeted place and comforted the victims through our prayers. After few weeks with help of our orthodox donors we helped the victims by distributing food commodities and kitchen accessories. It was a generous gesture and historical step by the international orthodox community towards the oppressed Christian minority in Pakistan.
There was an immense loss of property and the people of Joseph Colony really need financial and moral support, hence on 24th July 2013 the HolyOrthodox Church in Pakistan helped them financially through our donors. It conveys the message of love, brotherhood, peace and solidarity from the St. Michael the Arch Angel Orthodox Mission in Pakistan. It reflects the true and pure spirit of orthodox faith among the people. The common Christian people have now awareness about the Orthodox Church in Pakistan.
On 24th July 2013 Father Cyril, and Matushka Imma visited Joseph colony and provide financial assistance to widow’s of Joseph Colony, beside this financial aid we arranged a prayer service in Joseph Colony and taught them about the orthodoxy people raised many questions about orthodox faith and father Cyril explained and answer their question. People heard it with keenness and interest. We found them strong in faith and love of Christ.
In the end we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude for our generous donors who made it possible for the rehabilitation of Joseph Colony specially Deacon Georgij Maximov and Stanoje Stankovic for their fundraising in Russia and Serbia for this cause. . We earnestly pray for the donors, May God shower special blessings upon them and their families abundantly. We are also thankful to Orthodox family all over the world.