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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Distribution of food items by Holy Orthodox Church Of Pakistan

It’s the prime responsibility of the church to provide pastoral care to the people of God. Therefore the Holy Orthodox Pakistan always lend hands to look after the Christians in Pakistan in the time need or time of persecution since our community face suffering, hatred and discrimination by the majority population (Muslims) in Pakistan. The incident of Joseph colony is one of them on 9th March 2013 a mob of Muslim extremists attacked the people of Joseph colony and they did lot of damages to the Christian inhabitants of this colony. On this sad event on 13th March 2013 Fr.Cyril priests of the Holy Orthodox Church Pakistan visited Joseph colony and they interviewed the people and made a plan to help them for their resettlement. As The Holy Orthodox Church  Pakistan received funds from the generous donors. Fr.Cyril, Matushka Imma,  Mr.Ayub Joseph, and our Orthodox youth members went to Joseph Colony on 29th March 2013 for the distribution of food items and Kitchen accessories. The following items were distributed among the victims. People who received help were very thankful and prayed for the generosity made by The Archangel Orthodox Mission in Pakistan. It is worth mentioning that our team visited the family of Sawan Masih, who was charged by the police under the blasphemy law and still he is in the custody of police. He is innocent and it was a conspiracy that he uttered shameful words against Prophet Muhammad. It was planned by the factory owners to grab the land of Christians and they used extremists to attack the inhabitants of Joseph Colony. We stayed with them for almost an hour, Fr.Cyril prayed for the family and for their protection they are still facing threats by the fundamentalists and extremist groups in Pakistan. We also met his wife and two innocent babies of Swan Masih. 1- Food items: Cooking oil, Sugar, Pulses, Lentils, Rice and Tea and Dry Milk. 2- Kitchen accessories: Stove, Plates, Tea Cups, Cooking pots, Jugs and Glass (water set). 3- Male and female baby garments Before the distribution prayer was offered and items were blessed. The distribution was well arranged and the true spirit of the orthodoxy was shown to the people through our actions and deeds. This is the first time in the history of Pakistan that Christian minorities being helped by the orthodox Mission in Pakistan. Here The Archangel Orthodox Mission in Pakistan is thankful to all generous and kind donors who graciously offered their donations for this noble cause. This support of our donors is worked as balm on their wounds besides this it has relieved their pain to some extent. We earnestly pray for the donors, May God shower special blessings upon them and their families abundantly. We are also thankful to Russian and Serbian Orthodox family all over the world. For further detail you can reach us at.www.rocpak.com / info@rocpak.com