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Sunday, January 4, 2015

St Michael the Archangel Mission visited the city of Peshawar

On the 24th September, representatives from St Michael the Archangel Mission visited the city of Peshawar which was the victim of recent suicide bombings by extremists. Father Cyril with one parishioner (Mark Sanawar) from the community in Sargodha along with Joseph from the community Islamabad visited the Christian people there and also those in hospital recovering from their injuries.
Early reports have understated the impact of these attacks over the weekend. The number who have passed in this atrocity look to pass 200, some due to the lack of medical facilities nearby to deal with such an emergency. The number of injured surpasses 120.
Father Cyril met with The Rev Irfan Bishop, Church of Pakistan and The Rev Humphrey Bishop of Peshawar and extended condolences from His Eminence Metropolitan Hilarion and Russian orthodox community around the world. He shared the feeling from Metropolitan Hilarion that in this tragic time we are standing side by side with our Pakistani Christian brothers and sister. The Rev Huphery bishop said extend thank you to Metropolitan Hilarion for their love for Pakistani Christian community and requested prayer for fast recovery of injured and for those who martyred in this suicide attack.
Father Cyril and the others visited the Accident and Emergency department of Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar where most of the injured victims of the attack went for treatment. They met with the families who lost relatives in the attacks. Many orphans were made during the tragedy over the weekend, and there are many with severe injuries including loss of limbs. The people were glad for the visit and the care shown by the mission, taking the time for individual visits in the hospital and amongst the community. The visitors share the love of Christ with the people, prayed for their recovery and gave them small gifts of icons and crosses.