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Friday, April 1, 2016

Fatima Jinnah Nomadic School System

By the grace of God and efforts of Fr. Cyril Amer and Matushka Imma chairperson (FTNC) and mission team, Mission have started first Nomadic School System in Pakistan for underprivileged community.
A Nomadic Community has been inhabiting for More than one decade near Qainchi More Sargodha which is densely populated. The inhabitants are earning their livelihood through different professions such as jugglers (showing snakes, monkeys and bears), beggars, corn sellers, bed sheets sellers and garbage collectors. The ladies and children work as labourers and beggars mostly. The children are also used for Drug Trafficking and sexually abused.

During some visits of Fr. Cyril Amer mission team , the parents got agreed after Counseling to send their children for education in their own area. So, the mission started school on 10th November 2015 in a tent for Nomadic children as they are deprived of their basic rights and needs. We gave the students a healthy opportunity of learning and protection from harmful factors. 

Mission is providing free education to the students. In the begging, the strength of students was 35 which have been increased up to 100. The cooperation of parents is appreciated. We believe that EDUCATION is basic right of every child as framed in the Constitution of our State without any discrimination of race, origin, colour, caste, creed, sex, family status and disability. Education is the only key to aware and makes them noble citizens. They can be saved from drug traffickers, suicide bombers and terrorists. We have aim to give books in the hands of Nomadic students lest they become instruments of fanatics and hold guns to kill innocent children and people. We are teaching them to become good citizens and adopt good professions. We are really thank for to Mr. Shoaib and (I am an Entrepreneur) for their support for setting up tent. It's our humble request to join hands with us in this noble cause because these indigenous children need your support for books, School tents, School bags, uniforms , shoes and have nutrition’s issues.