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Friday, April 1, 2016

Lets Pray for the victims of Terrorist Attack in Pakistan

On Easter day 27 March 2016, suicide bomber attack on a Park in the Pakistani City of Lahore has killed 75 people mostly women and children and 300 people injured large number of Christian were present in Park for ester celebration when the suicide bombers blew himself. Please keep remember the departed souls and the injured people in your holy prayers. Lord have mercy.

we pray to Thee, O Lord and God, for the repose of those who have departed this life in these ungodly, horrific and evil persecutions; especially those whose earthly sojourns have ended suddenly, without repentance; give them rest where all sickness, sorrow and sighing have passed away: hear us, O Lord, and have mercy.

Again we pray for all those working to bring peace, security, relief and recovery to those injured in body, soul and spirit and who are in desperate need; and for all who are anxious and fearful; that they may persevere in their struggles and find consolation, hope and courage in Jesus Christ, Our Savior and Our God.

Again we pray that the Lord God will preserve this city Lahore and this holy house, and every city and land from pestilence, famine, earthquake, flood, fire, the sword, the invasion of enemies, terrorist attack and from civil war; and that our good God, who loves mankind, will be graciously favorable and easy to be entreated, and will turn away from us all the wrath stirred up against us, and deliver us from all His righteous chastisement, which impends against us, and have mercy upon us.
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