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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Only One Way of Salvation (Part-2)

Only One Way of Salvation

Part 2  

There was once but one man to whom the Egyptians might go in time of famine, after they desired food: They have to go to Joseph; it used to be a waste of time to go to anyone else. So additionally there's however One to whom hungering souls must go, if they'd no longer perish ceaselessly: they have to go to Christ. There used to be however one phrase that might retailer the lives of the Ephraimites within the day when the Gileadites contended with them, and took the fords of Jordan (Judges 12): They have to say "Shibboleth," or die. In order that there may be but one identify in order to avail us once we stand at the gate of Heaven: we ought to identify the name of Jesus as our best hope, or be solid away everlastingly.
Such is the doctrine of the textual content. "No salvation but via Jesus Christ; in Him plenty of salvation – salvation to the uttermost, salvation for the very chief of sinners; out of Him no salvation at all." it's in excellent harmony with our Lord’s possess phrases in St. John’s Gospel – "i am the way, the reality, and the existence: no man cometh unto the daddy, however by Me" (John 14:6). It is the same thing that Paul tells the Corinthians: "different basis can no man lay than that's laid which is Jesus Christ" (1 Corinthians 3:eleven). And it is the identical that St. John tells us in his first Epistle: "God hath given to us eternal life, and this existence is in His Son. He that hath the Son hath lifestyles, and he that hath now not the Son of God hath now not lifestyles" (1 John 5:12). All these texts come to at least one and the identical factor – no salvation but with the aid of Jesus Christ.
Allow us to be certain that we realise this earlier than we cross on. Men are apt to feel, "this is all ancient information; these are historical things: who knoweth not such truths as these? Of path, we think there is no salvation however by Christ." but I ask my readers to mark good what I say. Ensure that you just appreciate this doctrine, or else via and by using you are going to stumble, and be offended on the statements i have yet to make on this paper.
We are to enterprise the entire salvation of our souls on Christ, and on Christ simplest. We're to cast loose utterly and thoroughly from all other hopes and trusts. We aren't to rest partly on Christ, partly on doing all we are able to, partly on maintaining our church, partly on receiving the sacrament. In the topic of our justification Christ is to be all. That is the doctrine of the textual content.
Heaven is earlier than us, and Christ the one door into it; Hell underneath us, and Christ by myself ready to supply us from it; the devil in the back of us, and Christ the one refuge from his wrath and accusations; the legislation in opposition to us, and Christ on my own competent to redeem us; sin weighing us down, and Christ by myself equipped to place it away. That is the doctrine of the text.

Now can we see it? I am hoping we do. But I fear many feel so who may just find, before laying down this paper that they do not....

Orthodox Church Pakistan
Publish by: Fr. Cyril Amer