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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Palm Sunday at St. Sergius Parish Sargodha

On behalf of Mission Fr. Cyril celebrated Divine Liturgy at St. Sergius Parish Sargodha, Pakistan. Fr. Cyril presented a homily on account of Palm Sunday father said today the Maker of the Universe enters Jerusalem. He is seated not on a white stallion with a 100,000 strong army to escort Him like the King of Babylon. He is seated on a young ass, the lowest of creatures, and escorted by street children like the King of Jerusalem. For He is not the King of Babylon, the King of War and Power and Pride and Riches, He is the King of Jerusalem, the King of Peace and Humility. And this is only right, for the name 'Jerusalem' means 'the City of Peace'; Christ alone, the King of Peace, is therefore its rightful King.
Children greet Him with palms, the symbols of victory, and they cry 'Hosanna', meaning 'Save, we pray'. Their cry and their deed are greater than they know, for in their innocence they speak and do truth, for Christ alone saves us, if we pray to Him; and the palm branches are indeed tokens of victory, for Victory comes through the Tree of the Cross. (Fr.cyril@rocpak.com)
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