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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

In Sargodha Strike against Blasphemy Law and incident of Lahore

On Saturday dated 09-03-2013 in Lahore an angry mob of 3,000 –4,000 people attacked and burned over 178 houses of Christian community in Joseph Colony, Badami bagh area Lahore over an alleged blasphemy case. Today on 12-03-2013 Christian community of Sargodha city raised their voice against the blasphemy law. We condemn acts of violence of this kind and we call on the government to ensure the safety of citizens, and especially of religious minorities. Fr. Cyril Amer is representative of Orthodox church administrator of St. Michael the Archangel orthodox mission and unworthy priest of St. Sergius Orthodox Church represented Orthodox Church of Pakistan in this rally and condemned this act of violence strongly. www.rocpak.com