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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Nativity in Islamabad

This is the first Nativity the new community of St. John Chrysostom Parish has celebrated together since joining the Orthodox faith. On behalf of Archangel Michael Mission Father Cyril and Nicolas Javaid visited the community for Nativity and Father Cyril served the Divine Liturgy for the faithful there.
Father Cyril gave a homily on the birth of Christ saying “Christ was born into the lowliest of conditions, in a stable in Bethlehem to parents who had nothing but love for each other. He was born poor to remind us to be poor in spirit. His birth was announced, not to kings but to shepherds, those who held the lowest position in society, to teach us the importance of humility. The kings of Asia, the Wise Men, came to worship and bend their knee before Him to teach us that He is the King of the Universe. This little baby was born to show us that His love for us knows no bounds. In return for this expression of endless love, He asks only love in return. He seeks some tiny space in the Inn of our hearts and our souls. Will we welcome Him in, or like the Inn keeps of old, tell Him there is no room?”
The faithful offered petitions for peace in Pakistan, Syria, Alexandria and for the future of the community along with prayers for God to bring forth faithful benefactors for the mission. After the liturgy the faithful celebrated together with a special cake and a lunch prepared by Teresa Ayub.