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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Seminar on Orthodox Spirtuality

St. Michael Archangel Orthodox Mission in Pakistan has arranged a seminar with collaboration of Sufi Sangat and PMA in Sargodha. The purpose of the seminar is to promote spirituality and faith among the Muslim and Non Orthodox believers. The main purpose is to convey the people in Pakistan that Orthodox Church in the East has its important role to work for the restoration of peace and love and monastic life and Orthodox saints are role model for us. There were 100 participants and they were teachers, professors, journalist and social workers. People are keen to learn and listen orthodox faith and traditions. Fr. Cyril spoke on the history of orthodox Church and Fr.Joseph spoke on Orthodox Spirituality and Role of Monastic Life. Mr.Tahir Naveed Chairman, Younis Alam Coordinator Sufi Snagant, Professor Riaz Ahmed Shad, Nasim George and journalist Haider Javed Syed also addressed to the public. They appreciated our struggle and said Orthodox Spirituality and faith tradition will help the people of Pakistan to restore peace in the region. Mission needs your prayers and your financial assistance for to build Orthodox Church in Pakistan. For detail please contact: info@rocpak.com
Email: fr.cyril@rocpk.com
Web: www.rocpk.com